VMA - Visual Moisture Assessment

Visual Moisture Assessment (VMA)

 Visual Moisture Assessment in Florida

What is a VMA?


ASTM E 3026-15 Standard Guide for Readily Observable Moisture Affected Materials and Conditions Conducive to Elevated Moisture in Commercial Buildings: Visual Moisture Assessment Process. (VMA).


The purpose of this guide 2 is to define good commercial practice for conducting a baseline survey for readily observable moisture affected materials and conditions conducive to elevated moisture in a commercial building related to a commercial real estate transaction or commercial real estate asset management by conducting: a walk-through survey, document reviews, and interviews as outlined within this guide. This guide is intended to provide a practical means for the visual identification of moisture affected materials and physical deficiencies conducive to elevated moisture as a result of water infiltration through the building envelope or substructure, or generated within the subject building as a result of processes or mechanical systems, excluding de minimis conditions. This guide is to allow a user to assess general moisture concerns, as well as the potential need for further assessment or other actions that may be appropriate that are beyond the scope of this guide.


Moisture testing is our ‘wheelhouse’ it's our strength and foundation. We at The Florida Inspectors are considered the leading experts in moisture testing and moisture causes


Though we can’t see the sun on an overcast day, it’s still there. Moisture is like that, too – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion are often hidden, occurring and causing damage on the sly. Performing the ASTM VMA is the only way to identify water intrusion before it becomes serious. It’s even more imperative when purchasing a commercial property, as repair costs can drastically change the value of the property.

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