Flexible Florida Inspections

We not only can evaluate the condition of the building's components,  we can be very specific on our inspection for concerns of the client.

Such as, individually perform:

  • Balcony Inspections: Florida DBPR HR-7020 compliance reports
  • reports and consulting especially for the hospitality buildings-hotels, motels, and lodging buildings.
  • Insurance Inspection Services: your support in claim investigations and fair adjusting…
  • Litigation Support Services: Very technical surveys and detail reports for code compliance and due diligence for depositions/mitigation strategies
  • Building Structure Types and Conditions
  • Roofing System Types and Conditions
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Systems
  • Exterior Walls and Cladding, especially todays Stucco and/or EIFS
  • The Buildings Health, condition and interior IAQ
  • Exterior Features, Topography, and Landscape
  • General Occupant, Security, Life Safety, & Accessibility  

Properties Condition Assessments (or PCA's) are commercial property inspections performed in compliance to ASTM E2018. This standard is often required by lenders or insurance underwriters as a baseline prescription to performing commercial inspections. 

Visual Moisture Assessment Process ASTM E3026. This standard is for observable moisture affected materials conditions conducive to elevated moisture in commercial buildings.